Grafiek Retoriek

I often get asked where I source my info from. Truth is that it's from quite a few (free) sites which mostly provides you with raw data. My single biggest source (largely for idea generation) is Twitter. You can follow this list I created of some of the people I follow. It's not comprehensive, but it's a good start.

1) Statistics South Africa

Stats SA is my number one source and my go-to for most South Africa economic data. They have a schedule for whenever they release new data, so it's going easy to follow. I've also on a few occasions sent them mails with queries and they have always been helpful in their replies. Here you can gain access to, among other, the following South African economic data:

> Gross Domestic Product

> Inflation (both for consumers and producers)

> Mining Production

> Manufacturing Production

> Unemployment 

> Retail Sales

> Population Data

> Various other Stats SA surveys

2) TimBukOne

TBO is a great source of JSE related data. Try out their Stock Market Ebook for useful JSE listed company info (SENS, share prices, organisational charts, etc). They also publish very useful market data on a daily basis on their Twitter account including the recent highs and lows of JSE stocks, director remunerations and a downloadable excel with stock specific returns over periodic periods. This is a great source.


This is another great source for market related data. Here you can see anything from JSE listed stocks to Australian listed stocks, bonds, commodities, etc. They offer both tables of past share prices and customisable charts. Try using their 'My Portfolio' function to build a watchlist or the keep track of certain markets.

4) TradingEconomics

Another very useful site for global economic data. All for free. Data are represented on charts and you can adjust the charts to some extent.

5) Central Energy Fund & AA Fuel Pricing

Here you'll find all you need to know about fuel prices in South Africa.

6) World Government Bonds

I use this site for credit rating information, default risk and any bond related charts. They also offer the latest global interest rates.

7) SARS Trade Statistics 

Every month SARS publish all the detail (downloadable in Excel) on our imports and exports. You can see the product level data as well as the country level data.

8) ITC

This is another favourite of mine! Here you have access to global trade data - everything. You have to register to download data, but it is free.

9) Bureau of Economic Research

The BER published South African PMIs and Consumer Confidence Indices. Free for the most part.

10) SARB & National Treasury

A wealth of information is buried in these two sites. Budgets, bond holdings, interest rates ... too many to list. You'd be surprised to see the prudence of some of our government's finances.