How to use Morningstar's Fund Screener tool

Seeing that it is Youth month, I compiled a guide on how to track, evaluate and pick funds when deciding on an investment. I’m going to use Morningstar’s Fund Screener tool. It’s free and available to anyone.

First off, I don’t endorse or recommend any of the funds mentioned in this guide. They are just to indicate the process. Pick your own funds based on your needs, risk appetite and investment horizon. Go see a financial planner, preferably a CFP, if you are stuck.

Click HERE to go to Morningstar’s Fund Screener tool. This is where we are going to select the investment criteria for your fund selection.

Let’s say you are looking for a balanced fund for your Retirement Annuity. Click on the ‘Broad Category’ drop-down and select ‘Balanced’. Change ‘Currency’ to ‘ZAR’.

Scroll down to ‘Return %’. I only want to see funds that has delivered at least 7% per annum the last 3 years.

Scroll down. Now you will see there are 87 funds to choose from. Click ‘Search’.

Your screen will look like this now. You can now select the funds that you are interested in for your portfolio. I’ve selected an Allan Gray and Analytics fund. To see how these funds compare against each other, click on ‘Compare’.

Now you can see the funds' performances, risk measures, asset allocation and fees.


Now let’s assume that you want to select these 2 funds for your portfolio, but you want to see how they will look if combined. Go back to the ‘Fund Screener’, make sure your funds are selected and click on ‘X-Ray’. 

I’ve selected 50% each into my 2 selected funds. You can add more funds if you want. Click on ‘Show X-Ray’.

Now you can see all the characteristics of your combined portfolio! 

Remember to always double check the fund information on the fund factsheets. You will be able to see the factsheets on the fund managers’ website.