2018: Nowhere to hide

2018 proved to be a remarkably difficult year for investors. Most investors will be in quite a shock when they receive their December valuation statements, December was bad, but it cannot take all the credit... 2018 was the worst year in most markets in a decade!

Lets have a look at the damage. Note all charts are in local currency.

The JSE Top 40 lost 11.1% in 2018 - the worst performance since 2008.

After being positive for the most part of 2018, the US had a horrific Q4 as all came crashing down.

European markets also had a torrid time as especially European banks came under pressure.

The UK also saw its worst year since 2008.

Japan had its worst year since 2011.

China, who has been at the receiving end of Donald Trump's trade war, ends the year in a bear market.

We've also started to see Emerging Markets outperforming Developed Markets in Q4 2018.

Despite a rally in December, Gold still ended the year in negative territory. 

A big positive for the South African consumer was the near 20% drop in the price of oil. This will ease inflation and further fears of rate hikes.

Bitcoin dropped -72% in 2018 after a 1327% rally in 2017.

The Rand has lost almost 14% vs the US Dollar in 2018, this after two positive years.

All the best for 2019!